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1: Wesleyan Methodism and general

Benson, Joseph. An Apology for the People Called Methodists; Containing a Concise Account of their Origin and Progress, Doctrine, Discipline and Designs.
London: printed by G. Story, 1801, viii, 405pp.

Crowther, Jonathan. The Methodist manual; or, A short history of the Wesleyan Methodists, including their rise, progress and present state, comprising also the life and character of the Rev Mr Grimshaw, minister of Haworth, the doctrines the Methodists believe and teach, concisely yet fully and explicitly stated, the whole plan of their discipline, including their original rules and subsequent regulations, every office among them with the duties and rules of each stated and explained, the salaries of the travelling preachers, the different collections public and private made among them and the application of the moneys raised thereby, a description of class-meetings, bands and love-feasts, with a full and particular account of the district-meetings and the annual Conferences.
Halifax: printed by J. Walker, 1813. 216, iv, iii pp .

Crowther, Jonathan. A true and complete Portraiture of Methodism; or, The History of the Wesleyan Methodists.
New York: Daniel Hitt and Thomas Ware, 1813, 383 pp.

Daniels, William Haven. The Illustrated History of Methodism in Great Britain and America, from the days of the Wesleys to the Present time.
New York: Phillips & Hunt, 1880, 784 pp.

Gregory, Benjamin. Side Lights on the Conflicts of Methodism during the Second Quarter of the Nineteenth Century, 1827-1852, Taken chiefly from the Notes of the late Rev. Joseph Fowler of the Debates in the Wesleyan Conference: A Centenary Contribution to the Constitutional History of Methodism, with a Biographical Sketch.
London: Cassell and Company, 1898, viii, 584 pp.

Harwood, George H. The History of Wesleyan Methodism.
London: Whittaker and Co., 1854, 244 pp. 

Hurst, John Fletcher. The History of Methodism ... British Methodism [with the assistance of Thomas Edwin Brigden].
New York: Eaton & Mains, 1902
Vol.1 504 pp.
Vol.2 viii, 505-992 pp.
Vol.3 x, 993-1478 pp.

Hyde, Ammi Bradford. The Story of Methodism throughout the World, from the Beginning to the Present Time; Tracing the Rise and Progress of that Wonderful Religious Movement which, like the Gulf Stream, has Given Warmth to Wide Waters and Verdure to many Lands; and Giving an Account of its various Influences and Institutions of To-day, fully illustrated, revised and enlarged.
Springfield, Mass.: Willey & Co., 1889,827, xiv pp.

Jackson, Thomas. The Centenary of Wesleyan Methodism: A Brief Sketch of the Rise, Progress and Present State of the Wesleyan-Methodist Societies throughout the World.
New York: : T. Mason and G. Lane, 1839,viii, 388 pp.

McTyeire, Holland Nimmons. A history of Methodism, comprising a view of the rise of the revival of spiritual religion in the first half of the eighteenth century, and of the principal agents by whom it was promoted in Europe and America.
Nashville: Southern Methodist Publishing House, 1884. 688 pp.

Methodism in1879 : impressions of The Wesleyan Church and its ministers.
London: Haughton & Co., 1879, 201 pp.

Myles, William. A Chronological History of the People Called Methodists, of the Connexion of the late Rev. John Wesley; from their Rise, in the Year 1729, to their Last Conference, in 1802, third edition, enlarged.
London: sold by the author, 1803, x, 357 pp.

Myles, William. A Chronological History of the People Called Methodists, of the Connexion of the late Rev. John Wesley; from their Rise, in the Year 1729, to their Last Conference, in 1812, fourth edition, considerably enlarged.
London: printed at the Conference-Office ... by Thomas Cordeux, 1813, xi, 487 pp.

Nightingale, Joseph. A Portraiture of Methodism: Being an Impartial View of the Rise, Progress, Doctrines, Discipline and Manners of the Wesleyan Methodists. In a Series of Letters, Addressed to a Lady.
London: Longman, Hurst, Rees and Orme, 1807, xvi, 496 pp.

Redfern, William. Modern Developments in Methodism.
London: National Council of Evangelical Free Churches, 1906, x, 168pp.

Smith, George. History of Wesleyan Methodism.
London: Longman, Brown, Green, Longmans, and Roberts, 1858-62
Vol.1 Wesley and his times xxiv, 722 pp.
Vol. 2 The Middle Age xii, 699 pp.
Vol 3: Modern Methodism 3 rd ed ix, 724pp

Stevens, Abel. The History of the Religious Movement of the Eighteenth Century Called Methodism, new edition.
London: Wesleyan Methodist Book Room, 1878.
Vol.1 xiii, 381 pp.,
Vol.2 xii, 412 pp.
Vol.3 xv, 416 pp.

Swallow, Thomas. Disruptions and Secessions in Methodism: Their Causes, Consequences and Lessons.
London: Ralph Fenwick, 1880, viii, 215 pp.

Telford, John. The Popular History of Methodism, third edition.
London: Charles H. Kelly, 1899,160 pp.

Townsend, William John, Workman, Herbert Brook & Eayrs, George. A New History of Methodism, edited by William John Townsend, Herbert Brook Workman [&] George Eayrs.
London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1909.
Vol.1 , xx, 598 pp.
Vol.2 xvi, 676 pp.

Ward, Valentine. A Miniature of Methodism; or, A Brief Account of the History, Doctrines, Discipline and Character of the Methodists, fifth edition, improved.
London: John Mason, 1829, [4], 152 pp.

Wesley, John. A Short History of The People Called Methodists.
London: printed by J. Paramore, 1781. 87 pp.

Workman, Herbert Brook. Methodism.
Cambridge: at the University Press, 1912, vii, 133 pp.


1b: Wesleyan Methodism and general: Wales

None currently available


1c: Wesleyan Methodism and general: Ireland

Crookshank, Charles Henry. History of Methodism in Ireland.
Belfast: R.S. Allen, Son & Allen, 1885-88,
Vol.1 Wesley and his times xvi, 480 pp.
Vol.2 The middle age xi, 480 pp.
Vol.3 Modern developments xi, 544 pp.

McCrea, Alexander. Irish Methodism in the twentieth century: a symposium, editor: Alexander McCrea.
Belfast: Irish Methodist Publishing Co., 1931. 202pp.


2: Primitive Methodism 

Kendall, Holliday Bickerstaffe. History of the Primitive Methodist Church, revised and enlarged edition.
London: Joseph Johnson, 1919, vii, 177pp.

Kendall, Holliday Bickerstaffe. History of the Primitive Methodist Connexion.
London: Joseph Toulson, [1889], 120 pp.

Kendall, Holliday Bickerstaffe. The Origin and History of the Primitive Methodist Church.
London: Edwin Dalton, [1906],
Vol. 1 [4], 559 pp.
Vol. 2 552pp.  

Petty John. The History of the Primitive Methodist Connexion from its Origin to the Conference of 1859.
London: Richard Davies, 1860, x, 464 pp.

Petty, John. The History of the Primitive Methodist Connexion, from its Origin to the Conference of 1860, the First Jubilee Year of the Connexion, a new edition.
London: R. Davies, 1864, xvi, 597 pp.

Ritson, Joseph. The Romance of Primitive Methodism.
London: Edwin Dalton, 1909, vii, 312pp.


3: Methodist New Connexion

A Portrait of the New Connexion of Methodists
Leeds: printed by Edward Baines,1815, 8 pp.

Allin, Thomas; Cooke, William; Hulme, Samuel & Wright, Philip James. The Jubilee of the Methodist New Connexion; being a Grateful Memorial of the Origin, Government and History of the Denomination.
London: John Bakewell, 1848, 450 pp.

The Centenary of the Methodist New Connexion, 1797-1897 , editor: George Packer.
London: Geo.Burroughs, [1897], vii, 272 pp.

Life of the Rev. Alexander Kilham, formerly a preacher under the Rev. J. Wesley, and one of the founders of the Methodist New Connexion in the year l797 : including a full account of the disputes which occasioned the separation
London : R. Groombridge, 1838 408pp


4: Bible Christians

None currently available


5: Wesleyan Methodist Association

Messer, T.J. Protestant Methodism inconsistent with its own profession.
Leeds: Thomas Wray, 1830.


6: United Methodist Free Churches

Baxter, Matthew. Methodism: Memorials of the United Methodist Free Churches, with Recollections of the Rev. Robert Eckett and some of his Contemporaries.
London: W. Reed, 1865, ix, 514pp.

Kirsop, Joseph. Historic Sketches of Free Methodism.
London: Andrew Crombie, 1885,113pp.


7: United Methodist Church

None currently available


8: Other Movements

Isaac, Daniel The conduct of the Protestant Methodists, in leaving the old connexion, brought to the test of their own professions : in a second letter addressed to the private members of that community. 
Leeds: Henry Spink, 1830, 36pp

McLachlan, Herbert John. The Methodist Unitarian Movement.
Manchester: at the University Press, 1919, xi, 151 pp.

Mounfield, Arthur. A Short History of Independent Methodism: A Souvenir of the Hundredth Annual Meeting of the Independent Methodist Churches, 1905, [Arthur Mounfield, editor].
Wigan: Independent Methodist Book Room, [1905], viii, 203pp.




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