Online books: Lists of Circuits and their Ministers

1: Wesleyan Methodism and General

Hall, Joseph. Hall's Circuits and Ministers: An Alphabetical List of the Circuits in Great Britain, with the Names of the Ministers Stationed in each Circuit, together with the Appointments to Departments and other Offices, from 1765 to 1885, with appendix 1886-1896.
London: Methodist Publishing House, [1897], xix, [4], 609 pp.

Stephens, John . Chronicles of Wesleyan Methodism, Second Department: An Alphabetical Arrangement of all its Circuits in England, Wales and Scotland, with the Names of the Preachers who have Travelled in them, and the Yearly Order of their Succession, from the Establishment of Methodism to the Present Time.
London: John Stephens, 1827. v, 248 pp.


2: Primitive Methodism

None currently available


3: Methodist New Connexion

None currently available


4: Bible Christians

None currently available


5: Wesleyan Methodist Association

None currently available


6: United Methodist Free Churches

None currently available


7: United Methodist Church

None currently available





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