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In these pages you will find a selection of papers delivered at conferences and seminars between 2002 and 2013, in the context of the Project co-ordinated by Professor Andrew Walls, which resulted in the publication of Methodists and their Missionary Societies by John Pritchard (two volumes, 1760-1900 and 1900-1996, Ashgate 2013 and 2014). Some have been revised subsequently. You can search for papers either by the author's name or via the list of conferences and seminars.

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Listing by Author
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D. W. Bebbington

Methodist Spirituality, 1800-1950 (2004)

The Context of Methodist Missions: Global Evangelicalism in the Nineteenth Century (2013)


Liz Clutterbuck

The rising of empire in New Zealand: The relationship between the WMMS and Governor George Grey in the provision of Maori education, 1845-53 (2007)


Martin Daly

The Bible and the Sword: John Thomas and the Tongan Civil War of 1837 (2010)


Casely B. Essamuah

Ghanaian Appropriation of Wesleyan Theology in Mission

Speaking Truth to Power: Ghanaian Methodists' Public Witness 1960-2000 (2007)


Sara Fretheim

K A Busia on ethnicity, religion and nationality (2011)


Deborah Gaitskell

Prayer Women and Biblewomen: A Comparison of Two Indigenous Ventures among South African Methodists (2009)


Dorothy Graham

Relations between the Wesley Deaconess Order and the Missionary Society (2004)

'Forth in His name we go'– to West Africa and China at
least! Wesley Deaconess Work

Female itinerants of early Primitive Methodism, with special reference to those stationed in missionary situations (2005)


Eric Lott

Missionary Engagement with Indian Religion & Culture:
Anomalies Among Methodists


George Lovell

Work Consultancy Services for Missionaries, 1975 – 95 (2013)


Albert Mosley

Kingsmead 1969-77: Preparing for Mission Overseas (2004)

MMS and "Development" in Rhodesia (2007)

The British Methodist Church and African Nationalism in Southern Rhodesia 1950 – 1965 (2007)

Rhodesia Becomes Zimbabwe and the Programme to Combat Racism (2007)


John Munsey Turner

The Development of the Methodist Ministry (2004)


John Neal

"In the beginning..." Gender, Ethnicity and the Methodist Missionary Enterprise (2011)

Methodist and Moravian Relationships in the North East Caribbean 1789-1989 (2012)

Treasure Trove or Missionary Memorabilia (2013)

William Warrener's Contribution to Methodist Missionary History (2013)


Jennifer M. Potter

The Development of Methodism in modern-day Botswana; 19th century Nationals in Mission? (2003)

Development and Mission in the Context of Botswana and the Changing Role of The National Ecumenical Council (2007)

Methodist Missionaries and State formation in 19th century Southern Africa (2007)

Methodist Missions and some interactions with
African Traditional Religion


John Pritchard

Some Social Issues in the 20th Century (2003)

Atlantis and Cargate (2006)

Capacity Building. The Role of Missionary Societies and Development Agencies. A Methodist Perspective (2007)

Harris Discovered (2009)

Methodist Women Abroad: Roles and Relationships (2011)


Cathy Ross

"Without Faces": Women's Perspectives on Contextual Missiology (2011)


Edward Royle

'Have you nothing to do but save men's souls?' Methodism and Social Action before 1850 (2005)


Kirk S. Sims

The missional relations of the Methodist Church Ghana with other Methodist bodies (2012)


Stephen Skuce

Them and Us: Us and Them
A comparison of the inter-faith understanding of Irish
Methodists in the early nineteenth century with interfaith
attitudes at the start of the twenty-first century

The Pandura Controversy of 1873: Evangelical Zeal or Assault on Ceylon Society? (2005)


Brian Stanley

Christian Missions, Anti-Slavery and the Ambiguities of 'Civilisation', c. 1813-1873 (2003)


Norman Taggart

Gender and ethnicity in Methodist mission. An Irish perspective (2011)

Dr. McCrea (1880-1963), Christian Mission and other faiths (2012)


Stuart Walters

John Innocent, Pioneer MNC Missionary
A Grinder to China


Ian Welch

The Wesleyan Methodist Church and the Evangelisation of the Chinese on the Victorian Goldfields in the 19th Century (2003)


Martin Wellings

Methodist Missions and Popular Literature (2006)


John Wolfe

Evangelicals and the Social Order (2005)


W. John Young

Methodism in the Zambezi Valley: 1901-1926 (2003)

Primitive Methodist financing of World Mission (2004)

Working it out for himself - the case of Edwin W.
Smith, Primitive Methodist Missionary

Edwin Smith and the Printed Word (2006)

The Battlefield: a Mission field. Edwin W. Smith on the Western Front, 1915 (2010)

A hostile tribe made him their chief: Edwin W. Smith and anthropology (2011)

William E. Soothill (1861-1935): missionary and sinologist (2012)

Friend of China: Lady Dorothea Hosie (1885-1959) (2013)


The Project came to a semi-colon (rather than a full stop) with the Bicentenary of the Leeds District Wesleyan Methodist Missionary Society in October 2013. It continues under the auspices of the Andrew F Walls Centre for the Study of Asian and African Christianity at Liverpool Hope University.

Annual conferences on kindred themes are organized by the Yale Edinburgh Group on the History of the Missionary Movement and World Christianity.


Leeds & The Revd Dr Thomas Coke: two anniversaries, 200 years

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