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John Wesley's London - walking tour

This map is available in an enlarged print version from Wesley's Chapel, where the walk begins, or can be downloaded here.

The walk takes about 2½ hours without stops and visits to the attractions along the route. The places indicated by * are major tourist destinations and could occupy several hours each in admiring the architecture and exploring the exhibits.

  1. * Wesley's Chapel & Leysian Mission, John Wesley's House & Tomb, & The Museum of Methodism
  2. Site of Whitefield's Tabernacle - a wooden Calvinist meeting house, built 1741
  3. Site of the Foundery
  4. Finsbury Square - outdoor preaching place
  5. St Giles-without-Cripplegate Parish Church
  6. Threadneedle Street - home of Mrs Mary Vazeille, later Mrs John Wesley
  7. * St Paul's Cathedral & churchyard
  8. St Botolph's-without-Aldersgate Parish Church
  9. Site of John Bray's House
  10. John Wesley's conversion place memorial - The Aldersgate Flame (see page 46)
  11. * Museum of London
  12. St Bartholomew the Great Parish Church
  13. * Charterhouse
  14. St Luke's Parish Church - now LSO St Luke's:
  15. Bunhill Fields Burial Ground & Susanna Wesley's Grave


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